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2020: Saturday July 18th

Closing date 22-06-2020

An Interclub Licence event for BARC members, the Formula Ford Fest, and registered contenders in the Westfield Sports Car Speed Championship, the Bugatti Owners Club, the Sevenoaks & District Motor Club Speed Championship and the WAMC Welsh Sprint & Hillclimb Championship. Plus the Dews Club invited.



NOTE: If you wish to make multiple entries of the same event for partners/double drivers, via a single payment, follow these simple steps:

1) Enter the event for the first driver - as per normal

2) For the second driver, enter the event again but simply change all of the details manually to those of the second driver, and add this to your basket

Don't forget that you can pay for more than one event via a single payment too by using our shopping basket. This will likely save money for those that pay by credit card.

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BARC Connaught Speed Championship
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Bugatti Owbers Club (Aldon Classic)
500 Owners Speed Championship
Historic Rally Car Register Speed Championship
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Held under the General Regulations of the Motor Sports Association Ltd (incorporating the provisions of the International Sporting Code of the FIA) and these supplementary regulations.

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