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Gurston School

Our highly experienced instructors will teach you all you need to know to start, and succeed in the sport of Speed Hill Climbing.

The aim of the Gurston Down Hill Climb Drivers School is to provide top level instruction on one of the fastest speed hill climb courses in the country, under carefully controlled conditions, so that you can enjoy an exciting but secure day's driving. Whatever your level of experience the Gurston Down Hill Climb Drivers School will give you a great day out!

Our four MSA-licensed instructors, "The Boss", Championship Winner and Multiple Class winner Chris Cannell, and seasoned campaigners Graham Beale, Paul Webster and Peter Marsh are all highly experienced hill climbers who know how to enjoy their sport! Let them pass on that enjoyment to you.

Even if you have absolutely no previous experience, the Gurston Down Hill Climb Drivers School is for you - we will talk you through the basics of how to obtain a competition licence, how to enter events, and how to prepare your car to pass the watchful gaze of the Scrutineer! Only then will we take you out onto the hill.

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